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Hello, my name is Martin Laird - I'm the founder and designer behind 

Creative Pen Studio

It's Time To Reveal Myself.

A Journey from Lincolshire to the World.

Early Years: The Spark of Creativity

Born in the historic city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, I Martin Laird entered the world with a curious mind and a knack for connecting with people. Growing up in a place known for it's stunning cathedral (built circa 1072) and it's rich history, I developed an early appreciation for tradition and innovation. As a child, I was the type who could strike up a conversation with anyone, always ready with a smile or a kind word. My friends and family often remarked on my ability to light up a room, an attribute that has served me well throughout my life.

Academics and Early AMbitions

From an early age, I was drawn to the world of engineering. My fascination with how things worked led me to excel in school, particularly in subjects that involved problem solving and creativity. By the time I graduated high school at 16, I had earned 10 'O' Levels, the equivalent of a 4.0 GPA in the US.My path seemed clear: I was going to be an engineer. I secured an apprenticeship with a local engineering company that built excavators. It was a dream come true. However, life had other plans. After just a year, I developed dermatitis, a skin condition caused by an allergic reaction to the coolants used in the factory. Despite being moved to the blueprint offices in hopes that distance from the factory would help, the condition persisted. I was heartbroken when I had to give up my apprenticeship, as my entire schooling had been geared toward this career.

Discovering My Creative Passion

Though leaving the engineering path was devastating, it led to an unexpected silver lining. Working in the blueprint office reignited my love for drawing and writing, hobbies I enjoyed as a child. I found solace and joy in creating art, and this creative spark soon expanded into other areas. I began writing short stories and poetry, exploring new ways to express myself.
In the ensuing years, I worked at a hotel in my hometown, a job that brought me into contact with many famous faces and allowed me to travel around the country. Despite the glamour and excitement, it wasn't my true passion. The constant travel left little time for my creative pursuits, which I cherished more than anything.

Love and A New Beginning

In 1996, my life took another dramatic turn. I met my first wife, a fellow Brit, who was on vacation back home from the US. She worked as nanny for a pool builder in Washington DC. Our connection was immediate and deep, leading to marriage and my move to the United States. Sponsored by her employer, I began a new chapter in a new country. The marriage wasn't to last though, after 16 years we went out separate ways, unfortunately 18 hrs days trying to keep up with the demands of my business does not keep a marriage in tact. 
I met my second wife on New Years Eve 2016, she truly is the love of my life, she GETS ME, and I love her for it. She's supportive in everything I do as I am for her.
The move to the US marked the beginning of a career in the remodeling industry, swimming pools and homes. While this work provided stability, I never let go of my creative passions. I continued to draw, write short stories, poems and blogs, and also explore new outlets like web design and branding, and that comes with the online world, always finding time to nurture my artistic side.

Embracing Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Over the years, I found ways to integrate my creativity into my professional life. I started sharing my visions, poetry, and writings with others, and the positive feedback fueled my desire to do more. I realized my creative talents could help businesses thrive, leading me to start my website design and branding services.
Creative Pen Studio was born from his passion. What began as a way to help friends and family with their businesses quickly grew into a full-service design and a customer relationship management agency. In an increasingly digital world, a company's website is it's storefront. As brick-and mortar stores become less relevant, having a powerful online presence is crucial. 
At Creative Pen Studio, we focus on creating streamlined online experiences that not only attract visitors but also convert them into loyal customers. Our design are not just visually stunning: they are data-driven and
SEO-optimized to boost search rankings. We also integrate powerful CRM systems to streamline interactions and foster lasting relationships.

The Personal Touch & Funnies

Throughout my journey, I've never lost my ability to connect with people. Whether it's a client, a colleague, friend, or a stranger on the street, I'm always ready with a smile and a kind word. I find joy in helping others, and this has been a guiding principle in both my personal and professional life. While working at the hotel in Lincoln, I had the pleasure of meeting a famous rock star. He was incognito, but we struck up a conversation at the bar. Not recognizing him, I treated him like any other guest, offering suggestions on local attractions and chatting about the weather. It wasn't until later that I realized who he was, much to my embarrassment and amusement. He appreciated the normalcy of our interaction and later sent me a signed album as a thank you. 

Another time, during my early days in the US, I was trying to navigate the complex world of American Home Improvement. I had a particularly challenging project involving a stubborn kitchen remodel. After hours of frustration, I finally managed to get everything just right. Feeling triumphant, I went to show my wife, only to realize I had installed all the cabinet doors upside down. We had a good laugh about it, and it was a humbling reminder that even with years of experience, mistakes can happen. 

Looking Ahead: A Vision For The Future

As I look to the future, I see endless possibilities. The world of design and branding is constantly evolving, and I am excited to be at the forefront of this transformation. My goal is to continue helping business navigate the digital landscape, creating online experiences that are not only functional but also deeply engaging.
I believe that our websites will become the primary storefronts for most businesses. By getting ahead of the curve and embracing the digital revolution, we can ensure that our brands remain relevant and competitive. 
Creative Pen Studio, we are committed to empowering modern businesses to thrive online, and I am dedicated to sharing m creative vision with the world.


A Final Word For Now: A Life Of Connection & Creativity

My journey from Lincolnshire to the United States has been filled with twists and turns, challenges and triumphs. Through it all, my ability to connect with people and my passion for creativity has been my guiding light. I am grateful for the experiences that have shaped me, and for the opportunity to share my story.
Whether it's through a beautifully designed website, a heartfelt poem, or a simple conversation, I strive to make a positive impact on the world around me. This is my story,and I look forward to continuing to write new chapters filled with creativity,connection, and a touch of humor. 
If you would like to help me continue my story going forward, lets' touch base and we can continue this journey together.

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